About us

Farr Brew


Based just outside Wheathampstead, Farr Brew’s 10-barrel brewery is set amongst the rolling farmland of the Ayot estate in an old cattle barn. From here we have grown a business that focuses on creating not just a wonderful product but one that is also looking to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint at every opportunity.


Winner of the Nationwide 2018 ‘Green award’, our brewery was proven to be the most sustainable in the country. We have taken this further constantly striving for a totally holistic approach regarding the environment.


Our beers are brewed with the highest quality malted barley, which is then collected by a local farmer who uses the spent grain as feed for his high welfare, organic livestock. Cattle, pigs and sheep that are fed well and are free to roam his fields then make up a large part of our meat-based dishes on this menu.


This approach to sourcing ingredients and supporting other local businesses also leads us to…

  • Using honey from the hives on our land for our rich and smooth Potent Porter.
  • We brew with hops grown in over 300 gardens across the local area by our community.
  • We make collaboration gins with Black Bridge distillery located only three minutes from our barn using our grains and hops as the botanicals.
  • We supply used hops to local gardeners for mulch, pallets to upcycling furniture companies and look to employ our staff from the local area wherever possible.


To learn more about Farr Brew, our pubs and the brewery itself, come along to one of our tours or visit us on a Saturday to a enjoy a relaxing pint with a wonderful view.


We are proud of our efforts to have a positive impact on our surroundings and the businesses we work with. We hope you enjoy your time with us and visit again soon.

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